Aftermath / Immediately After / Request 40 Copies of Death Certificate

Request 40 Copies of Death Certificate

After a death occurs, it must be officially registered and documented by the state in a form known as a Death Certificate.

When complete, the state will issue official copies to the Executor of the Estate or the surviving family.

Obtain 40 copies of the Death Certificate because it will be needed for many future tasks, including but not limited to

  • Funeral arrangements

  • Banks / credit cards / investments

  • Utilities / phone companies

  • 401k / retirement accounts / pensions

  • Settling of the Estate (property, valuables, etc.)

  • Social Security

  • Insurance

  • Taxes

To obtain all 40 copies, ask the participating Funeral Home for help.

If a Funeral Home is not being used, then contact the county or state vital records office where the death occurred.

Each state operates differently, but in general you'll need the following information to request the forms:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Birthdate and birthplace

  • Father’s name and birthplace

  • Mother’s name and birthplace

  • Social security number

  • Veteran’s discharge or claim number (if applicable)

  • Marital status and name of surviving spouse (if applicable)

  • Date, place, time and cause of death